What is ‘Be Encouraged’?

Be Encouraged: Leadership Development
for GLBTQ inquirers & candidates for ordination
in The United Methodist Church


Be Encouraged is a leadership development retreat and resource for GLBTQ inquirers & candidates for ordination in The United Methodist Church.

11000210_812678255467022_5275122795321050928_oOur outreach is to equip GLBTQ-identified individuals exploring and/or pursuing ordination within The UMC. The first step was our Retreat, which was held April 17-19, 2015 at Camp Aldersgate in Rhode Island. The retreat is sponsored by the Reconciling Committee of New England’s Board of Church & Society. A second retreat is in the planning stages for October 2016! 

Given the New England Annual Conference’s open invitation to candidates who may have encountered bias elsewhere, this is a critical moment in which there is a possibility of cracking open the edifice of injustice in the ordination process, if a cohort of a GLBTQ candidates receive adequate support and assistance.

11175029_10206671996420109_4323591244625490407_nWe are excited about this opportunity for this movement to provide support and encouragement to candidates who have been marginalized and excluded and told by the church that their call isn’t relevant, real, or able to be followed. With peers and mentors, and equipped with skills and best practices, these candidates will be better able to live into the gifts they bring to the church and the world.

Please contact us with any questions.


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